A common misconception among those searching for recording services for the first time is the assumption that your song will "automatically" sound great after you are finished.  This is not always the case.  There are many important elements that are essential to a professional-sounding recording.  

In most modern studios, there are two individuals present in the studio at all times during recording sessions, the Engineer and the Producer.


The Engineer is responsible for shaping the sound of the recording by manipulating the technical aspects of the session.  These aspects include mic placement and selection, effect usage, equalization, as well as the general operation of the recording software and equipment.  

Think of the engineer like the driver of a car.  He/she operates the vehicle by pressing the pedals, selecting the gears, turning on the lights, and turning the steering wheel.  However, a driver needs to know where to go, and that's where the Producer comes in. 


If the Engineer is the driver of the car, the Producer is the GPS.  These individuals usually have a vast knowledge of popular music as well as music theory and composition.  The Producer provides direction for your music, offering advice on how best to achieve your desired sound.  

The Producer often collaborates with his/her clients when working on a project.  He/she may offer suggestions regarding arrangement, vocal deliver(coaching), lyrical changes/improvements, and other such guidance.  

When the efforts of these two individuals are applied in conjunction with the efforts of the artist, fantastic results can and will occur!  All you need is an open mind and a willingness to be heard and constructively criticized.  With that in mind,  it is important to remember that the job of the producer and the engineer is essentially to make the artist SOUND GOOD! 

"I paid big bucks! Why doesn't it sound good?"

All too often, we receive calls from artists who have recorded with other studios and are unhappy with the results.  The reason for this can be explained in a principle known as "Garbage In, Garbage Out".   

In other words, ANYONE can learn to be an engineer, and simply record whatever is coming through the microphone.  However, pressing buttons and moving sliders DOES NOT make a hit record.  It requires musical direction, perseverance, talent, and a good producer!


We also realize that there may be situations in which the artist demands total control.  In this case, we would offer our Standard Recording Services. Basically this means that the artist or band provides all direction during recording sessions as well as during mixdown and post-production.  Because this involves less work on our part, the hourly rates reflect as such.


A common denominator in many of the aforementioned situations of dissatisfaction is the lack of pre and/or post-production.  This is an important (and often costly) factor in the sound of your final product. Often times, other studios will offer post-production services for an additional fee, leaving the artist to pay even more money to put the finishing touches on their project.  We at H&R believe this is a bad practice, and thus many of our packages INCLUDE post-production at no additional charge. 

At H&R, we will always strive to achieve the best possible results for our clients.  Whether you need a full-length album or a 30-second radio commercial, Hit And Run Studios will go the extra mile to provide you with a product you can be proud of.